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Ar Goldmand Sachs prekiauja bitkoinais


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    What Is ApeCoin? Author: Publish date: Mar 21, PM EDT Goldman Sachs on Monday took a big step toward the possible wide adoption of bitcoin among institutional investors, such as hedge and pension funds.

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    A step that will undoubtedly reassure some big investors, many of whom are still very reluctant to invest in cryptocurrencies and in particular in bitcoin, the first digital currency in terms of market share. Reportone of the big names in traditional finance, said on Monday that it has just carried out its first over-the-counter OTC crypto options trade.

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    Options are used by crypto investors to hedge risks or boost yields, and over-the-counter transactions are larger trades negotiated privately. Galaxy, a global provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency financial services for institutions, was founded and is run by billionaire Mike Novogratz, a bitcoin evangelist.

    Novogratz is also a former Goldman Sachs banker.

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    Is Bitcoin a Mature Asset? This move is an important step in the development of the crypto market for large investors, because OTCs mean that Goldman Sachs will act as a principal in the transaction.

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    It is therefore a kind of expansion of Goldman Sachs' activities into cryptocurrencies — but more importantly, it legitimizes the currencies as stable enough to be vouched for by large financial institutions. Scroll to Continue.